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Pet Care Information

Spay/Neuter Information - Important information about altering your pet

Common Dog Health Complications

Have You Found An Animal? - tips for Kazoo locals

Tips on Finding A New Home for a Dog or Cat

How To Find A Lost Cat Or Dog

Local Apartment Guide - Do they allow pets?

List of Michigan Animal Organization Web Sites

Adopting a New Pet

Oldies but Goodies - KAR's older animals need you.

Consider These Issues Before Adopting a Pet

Two Cats Better Than One - Adopt Two Kittens at Once!

The Black Cat Page - Learn about why you should adopt a black cat or kitten.

Introducing a New Cat

Cat to Cat Introductions

Should You Get a Cat?

Before you get that puppy or dog, stop and consider...

Reasons NOT to Buy a Puppy from the Pet Store

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Rescue Dog

Dog Care & Info

Dog Owner's Guide - nutrition, behavior, breed descriptions

Boarding Kennels around the Kalamazoo Area

The Kalamazoo Dog Training Club

Crate Training


Outside Dogs - Reasons to keep your dog inside

Manners for the Modern Dog - more training

Untraining a Dog

NILIF - Dealing with Biting and Growling

Canine Training and Behaviors Page - Lots of Tips and Info here

Guarding and Showing Aggression over Resources

About - Resource Guarding Behavior

Australia's Association of Pet Dog Trainers - this link is to
the Calming Signals Section. There is a link to a canine body language
quiz under the picture of the book. They also have great links to
behavior, training, and other stuff.

The Senior Dog Project - Dedicated to finding homes, caring for,
sharing stories, and coping with loss of older dogs.

The Dog Park - How to find or start a dog park near you.

Travel Guide for finding accommodations when you want to
bring your dog on vacation.

Cat Care & Info

Cat Fanciers - links to breed specific sites

Cat Fanciers' Association - on-site pictures & descriptions

Cats International - ALL about cat behavior

Two Cats Better Than One

Cornell Feline Health Center - cat info, of course

Declawing - Issues & Alternatives
Caution, the following links may contain graphic images. Litterbox/Elimination Issues Perfect Paws - behavior and training

rec.pets.cats FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Cats

General Pet Info

American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) - behavior, health, nutrition and more

American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)- health, safety, etc.

American Holistic Veterinarian Association Information about holistic
vet care and finding a holistic vet near you.

Pet Overpopulation Study & Policy

Pound Seizure/Pound Release

Pet Doors at Patio Pacific

Winterizing Your Pet - How to handle the cold winter weather

National Organizations

Adoption HQ - links to many adoption sites

Alley Cat Allies - feral cat control

American Humane Association


Best Friends Animal Sanctuary - Utah

CHAMP - Conference on Homeless Animal Management & Policy

Feral Cat Coalition - California

Humane Society of the United States

North Shore Animal League - New York

Pet Savers Foundation

PETA Online - LOTS of info

San Francisco SPCA - California

United Animal Nations- Emergency Animal Rescue Service (EARS)